Chorlton Vision

Making Chorlton a better place

Process & Approach

Process to Develop the Vision

There are four vital elements to meeting developing the Vision:

  • Developing a draft strategic plan and vision for change: this work is currently underway, drawing on the many existing documents and consultations from the last few years.
  • Engaging residents, businesses and public bodies to help develop and buy into the Vision: this process is beginning now and will see a series of consultation engagements during February undertaken by partners.
  • Publication of a Vision for Chorlton: by the end of March, we will produce a final vison and action plan setting out the priorities for change in Chorlton.
  • Delivery: we will need to agree how the strategy is taken forward and whether there is scope for establishing a partnership body to oversee and drive forward changes in the short and longer term.

Our Approach

We want to set out a plan for Chorlton to become an attractive place which meets the needs of residents and visitors looking for shopping, services, entertainment, play, relaxation and work. 

We want to improve Chorlton, but we know we can’t do this all ourselves: we have agree a set of guiding principles that will influence how we go about this and what we hope to achieve.

  • Inclusivity: we want local residents, businesses and people who visit and work in Chorlton to have a say on the Vision;
  • Ambition: we want to set out a bold plan for a better Chorlton that improves what Chorlton has to offer, strengthens the local economy and enhances people’s lived experience of being here.
  • Realism: there are some things that we won’t be able to change and lots that will take time. We want to make a difference, but we will be honest about the impact we can have.

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