Chorlton Vision

Making Chorlton a better place

Net Zero Places


The Institute for Public Policy Research set out to look at the transformative effect that the move to net zero (carbon emissions) will have on the lives of people. ‘Top-down’ legislation takes little account of local priorities or the needs of communities.  The aim of the study was to understand locally-led and community-inspired visions for a net zero future. Any move toward net zero should improve quality of life and tackle social inequalities. Liverpool City Region was chosen as an urban case study area, with Anglesey chosen for its rural setting. Workshops were held with local people and their comments and priorities collated into a number of policy principles. 

Policy Principles

  • Leave no people or places behind on the path to net zero
  • Harness community pride and respond to what makes places special – give neighbourhoods the power to shape the transition
  • Give communities ownership of assets and shape a sustainable economy that works for local areas
  • Provide local access to information and financial support with opportunities to learn about climate change and the natural world
  • Reimagine public transport so it works for everyone
  • Create places for children and designed for their future
  • Make space for nature and green spaces for people.