Chorlton Vision

Making Chorlton a better place

The Vision

 – Updated 12 May 2022 – 

In the last 25 years, Chorlton has become one of Manchester’s most desirable places to live. Many young families have been attracted to Chorlton by its social scene, housing offer and good schools. Public transport access to central Manchester is fast and convenient, and there is easy access to countryside on our doorstep, along the River Mersey. 

Chorlton is one of Manchester’s most vibrant district centres and attracts visitors to its independent retail, food and drink scene, led by some very well-established destination outlets like Unicorn Grocery, Barbakan Delicatessen, Out of The Blue Fishmongers, Frosts The Butcher, Ken Fosters Cycle Logic, Chorlton Bookshop and Chorlton Cheesemongers. Our evening economy draws people to our wide and constantly evolving array of bars, pubs and restaurants. Chorlton is home to The Edge Theatre and Arts Centre, which  underpins a cultural scene that also boasts annual Arts and Book Festivals.  Chorlton also has an energetic and active community, with many groups working to make Chorlton a better place for people to live and visit.

Despite its relatively positive reputation, Chorlton faces challenges and needs to keep pace with growing competition from district centres across south Manchester and Trafford. The commercial centre of Chorlton is affected by an increasingly tired and shabby street scene that has been neglected for too long. And, behind the apparent levels of wealth, Chorlton is home to families which experience significant, chronic deprivation and who feel disconnected from the opportunities of the growing city around them. Rocketing property prices have pushed up the cost of buying and renting a home here and also made it harder for low earners to stay in the area. 

There is a general sense among all of Chorlton’s communities that the changes seen over the last 25 years have not allowed the area to fulfil its potential. There is a strong local appetite among residents and traders for the community to have more influence over future investment in and management of our local district centre. The Chorlton Vision is our plan for how the area can be improved to ensure it meets the needs and aspirations of current residents and future visitors. 

Our Priorities For Action in Chorlton

In order to deliver the Vision, we believe there are five priority areas around which change needs to be organised:

Priority 1 – Upgrading our PUBLIC REALM to  enhance pride in our district centre.

Priority 2 – Improving the quality of our local ENVIRONMENT to make Chorlton a better place in which to spend time.

Priority 3 – Enhancing MOVEMENT to make it easier for more people to get around Chorlton safely and quickly.

Priority 4 – Influencing PROPERTY investment to ensure it meets the needs of local residents, workers, businesses and visitors.

Priority 5 – Strengthening our IDENTITY so people know what Chorlton offers.

You can also read about how the Vision might be delivered.

And although the initial consultation period has ended, we still actively welcome your views and have left feedback forms on their respective pages. 

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