Chorlton Vision

Making Chorlton a better place

Priority 5: Identity

Strengthening our identity, so people know what Chorlton offers

– Updated 12 May 2022 – 

We want Chorlton to have a strong identity, based on a reputation for being welcoming, independent, creative and harmonious. We want Chorlton to be widely recognised as a premier quality destination for local shopping and leisure across Greater Manchester and for the district centre to live up to its reputation and the expectations of local residents.
To achieve this, we want to: 
  • Develop a clear brand that can be used by businesses, local groups and the City Council to develop a stronger shared identity within and beyond Chorlton.
  • Promote Chorlton’s values and offer to prospective visitors, potential investors and future residents.

Our Initial Long List of Actions To Deliver Change

  1. Chorlton Brand: secure resource from Manchester City Council, landowners and local traders to create a fresh brand identity for Chorlton that reflects the better place we want to create. The brand should be used by businesses, groups and the city to amplify a clearer identity to residents and visitors and promote our offer. The brand identity should include a clear set of standards for how it should be used and involve a set of minimum standards of operation for those organisations that use it to ensure its integrity and alignment with our shared Character Features.
  2. Chorlton Trails and Signs: establish a network of pathways and roll out a programme of entry-point and way-finding signs, helping people find venues and destinations and providing fun activities to find their way around. The trails and signs should help strengthen a coherent sense of place around Chorlton.
  3. Chorlton Online: establish a Chorlton web presence for residents and businesses to learn about and promote developments and events around the district centre.

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