Chorlton Vision

Making Chorlton a better place

Our Initial Vision for Chorlton

– Updated 12 May 2022 – 

Chorlton aims to be a welcoming place for everyone, recognised for its creativity, independence and harmony. The Chorlton Vision aims to unlock our potential for:
  • Thriving businesses, which serve local people and boost prosperity.
  • Attractive and safe shared places, where people can spend time and money sustainably.
  • Easy access to resources that help people be healthy, caring and connected

Chorlton’s Distinctive Character

We believe it is important for Chorlton to stand apart and be recognised as a distinct place with its own attributes. These characteristics capture the essence of the sort of place we think people in Chorlton want to see:

Creativity: Chorlton will provide space for entrepreneurs, activists and artists to pursue their passions

Independence: Chorlton will maintain its distinctive identity and encourage development that engages local people and creates local pride.

Harmony: Chorlton will aim to grow in a sustainable way, minimising our environmental impact and ensuring we welcome all residents in our district centre.