Chorlton Vision

Making Chorlton a better place

Priority 3: Movement

Enhancing movement to make it easier for more people to get around Chorlton safely and quickly

– Updated 12 May 2022 –

We want Chorlton to be safe and offer easy ways to get around, which would help create a more vibrant place where more people meet, shop, work and enjoy our neighbourhood. 
To achieve this, we want to: 
  • Rebalance local traffic towards walking and cycling and reduce traffic congestion in the centre of Chorlton.
  • More firmly encourage positive behaviours that create a safer and more welcoming environment for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Explore creative solutions to parking problems.

Our Initial Long List of Actions To Deliver Change

  1. Pavement Upgrade: improve the quality of pavements and introduce minimum width and quality standards in the district centre to ensure they are visually appealing and safe for everyone to use.
  2. Road Rule Enforcement: request that authorities actively enforce speeding and parking rule violations.
  3. Twenty is Plenty: introduce a default 20mph speed limit on all Chorlton roads.
  4. Tackle Pavement Parking and Idling: provide local communities with tools to encourage responsible parking that helps pedestrians and people using pushchairs and wheelchairs, and improves air quality.
  5. School Streets: support creative solutions to reduce school trips by car, such as walking buses and lift shares.
  6. Next-Generation Cycle Lane: advocate for the next wave expansion of segregated cycle lanes to extend the network to more streets, especially along Wilbraham Road.
  7. Car-Free Taster Days: implement a series of test events for no-car days on key streets in Chorlton
  8. Creative Parking Solutions: undertake a programme to test low-traffic and parking solutions in busy streets, which could include temporary road closures, one-way systems and resident parking.
  9. Support Car Sharing: encourage local streets to adopt electric car-sharing clubs to reduce the number of vehicles stored on Chorlton streets.
  10. Road Care Reporting: create better ways for people to report potholes, tree root incursion and other danger spots, and to progress-chase responses from the City Council.
  11. Leave As Found Charter: request that Manchester City Council require utility companies to restore pavement and roads to their previous state following street works.

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