Chorlton Vision

Making Chorlton a better place

Priority 4: Property

Investing in property to ensure it meets the needs of local residents, workers, businesses and visitors

– Updated 12 May 2022 – 

We want Chorlton to have well-designed, appropriate property development that enhances the quality of the built environment for local residents and further strengthens our reputation as a place where people want to live, work and visit.  To achieve this, we want: 
  • A bigger and earlier local say in the investment, planning and development process to ensure
    balanced development that meets local needs and complements the character of the area
  • Greater local ownership of sites, premises and businesses managed for the wider benefit of
    the local community.
  • To extend the work done by local businesses to help make Chorlton a better place.

Our Initial Long List of Actions To Deliver Change

  1. Local Planning Voice: require all commercial planning applicants to have engaged the Chorlton Vision Board in meaningful dialogue on plan options and to demonstrate their contribution to the Vision as a requirement of planning consent.
  2. Neighbourhood Planning: explore appetite for a formal Neighbourhood Plan with Manchester City Council. This would aim to embed the principles of the Vision in the planning process and deliver sustainable, balanced development and growth in Chorlton.
  3. Licensing for Balance: require Manchester City Council to consult Chorlton Vision Board on all licensing applications and agree a plan for new businesses which balances daytime and night-time uses, alongside retail / leisure / services.
  4. Secure the Picture House: this is a vital asset at the heart of the district centre with huge potential to unlock additional footfall, create new jobs and sustain more small, independent businesses.
  5. A New Market Place: identify an appropriate home for a flourishing and regular street market.
  6. Champion Arts Venues and Festivals: support The Edge and Chorlton Arts Festival to become firmly established local attractions.
  7. Rethink Chorlton Library: use the refurbishment to explore longer-term opportunities for the library to be a learning and knowledge hub for local people.
  8. Co-operating Chorlton: support steps to establish a local body to help create new local ownership of assets and businesses which can help retain wealth locally, create local jobs and serve local residents.
  9. Open for Business: work with groups of local businesses to enhance the attractiveness, consistency and quality of their frontages, shutters and signage to create a stronger sense of pride and identity across the district centre.
  10. Workspace: ensure a good supply of local office, studio and workshop spaces for people to work flexibly in Chorlton.
  11. Captured Carbon Assessments: require Manchester City Council to receive a report on contribution to their net zero climate target for any proposed building demolition in Chorlton.
  12. Meanwhile-use: work with Manchester City Council and landlords to develop an approach to allow quick uptake pop-ups to make use of properties that are due to become, or already are vacant.
  13. Quality Service Venues: work with relevant organisations to ensure Chorlton offers easy access to quality premises for health, learning, recreational sport and the arts. This could include exploring scope for new types of flexible work and studio space.

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