Chorlton Vision

Making Chorlton a better place

Welcome to the home of Chorlton Vision

Chorlton is a diverse and interesting place to live, with lots going on and a proud, independent outlook. We want it to stay that way – in fact we want it to be better! 

 We want a more people-friendly town, with cleaner air and less traffic. We want a vibrant economy, more local jobs, helpful development and a busy, independent high street that offers more choice.

In spring 2022, we talked to hundreds of residents and businesses about the shape that a vision for Chorlton’s future might take. We’ve now drafted an initial Vision, based on their priorities and ideas.

None of this is set in stone: it’s still very much a working document that will change as Chorlton itself will change.  And although the initial consultation period has ended, we still very much welcome your thoughts and views. This Vision for community-led development belongs to us all.  

Read on, join the conversation. This matters.