Chorlton Vision

Making Chorlton a better place

Priority 1: Public Realm

Upgrading our Public Realm to Generate Pride in our District Centre

– Updated 12 May 2022 –

We want Chorlton’s district centre to be a visually attractive place that encourages local people and visitors to explore our neighbourhood and enjoy spending time here.  
To achieve this, we want to: 
  • Create better open, safe spaces where  people can meet, spend time and play.
  • Brighten up our streets to create more local pride and joy.

Our Initial Long List of Actions To Deliver Change

  1. A new Chorlton Public Square: create a new public square in the district centre, where people can meet and where markets, performances and other events can be hosted.
  2. Reducing Barriers : conduct an audit and remove unnecessary fences, barriers and other street clutter along roadsides and around community facilities.
  3. Seating and Lighting Upgrade: ensure all the main pedestrian routes are well-lit, accessible and peppered with regular seating to allow people to stop, rest and meet.
  4. Fitness and Play Kit: explore scope for facilities to encourage fitness and play while in Chorlton.
  5. Community Visual Arts: consult on a developing a Chorlton-wide project for  street art (walls and pavements), signage/trails and sculptures to celebrate creativity and brighten up the area.
  6. Alleyway Adoption: look at creative ways to engage local residents to take more control of their alleyways to reduce litter, maintain access and create little places for mingling and play.
  7. Bin Charter: ask all traders to commit to ensuring all commercial waste bins are stored away from view and shop front litter is tackled quickly.
  8. Community Stewardship: encourage volunteer groups of gardeners to adopt more pocket parks, planters and other spaces to maintain green assets and carry out regular litter picks.
  9. Place Management Commitment: request that Manchester City Council establish and promote a minimum guarantee for street cleaning, unblocking drains, tackling graffiti and addressing traffic issues such as problem parking. This should be accompanied by accessible reporting mechanisms where problems emerge, that allow councillors and officers to secure remedial action.
  10. Make Toilets Public: explore scope for new public toilet facilities and request traders to sign up to a commitment to allow local passers-by to use their toilet facilities.

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