Chorlton Vision

Making Chorlton a better place

About Us

Ownership & Oversight

This process has been started by a small group of local organisations from around Chorlton. We have established an initial Steering Group to agree the scope and process for the first phase of work. 

The Chorlton Community Land Trust secured a small grant from Manchester City Council on behalf of the partnership to facilitate the Vision process, but this is a collaborative and jointly owned initiative.

This group knows it cannot speak for all residents, and businesses of Chorlton and we will be working to engage other stakeholders as we progress. We will also review who is involved in oversight of the Vision as it moves into its delivery phase. If you would like to be more involved, please get in touch and let us know how you can help us better engage with stakeholders and reflect the priorities of local businesses and residents.

Steering Group

The organisations represented in the Steering Group are (in alphabetical order):

Beech Road Traders

One of Chorlton’s most distinctive and attractive neighbourhood high streets, Beech Road celebrates independence with a colourful collection of shops, services, bars and eateries.  Beech Road Traders Association is represented by their Chair, Jennifer Wilcox.

Chorlton Climate Action Partnership (Our Streets Chorlton)

This community-led project works to understand how to help decrease carbon emissions by enabling Chorlton people to reduce local and short car journeys. They’ve been running consultation, community fora, outreach and engagement and data gathering. Our Streets Chorlton is represented by Claire Stocks.

Chorlton Community Land Trust (CCLT)

A group of local residents who want to have a voice and influence to shape the area where they live for the benefit of Chorlton’s diverse community. They believe in people stepping up to help create a more fairer and greener world, where housing and urban regeneration works for people, rather than big business. CCLT is represented by Simon Hooton (CCLT Chair) and Steve Goslyn (Project Co-ordinator).

Chorlton Traders

Local businesses, working together for Chorlton. Traders include a range of businesses, from home-working freelancers to retail chains.  It’s a forum for discussion, developing initiatives, problem solving and supporting the local community.  The Traders are represented by Alan Williams of Unicorn Grocers.

Chorlton Voice

Formerly Chorlton Civic Society, Chorlton Voice is a group that wants to make Chorlton a better place. It campaigns and raises funds for local improvements and runs Chorlton’s Arts Festival. The team is also working to bring street art to Chorlton and to reopen and restore the community garden. Chorlton Voice is represented by Carolyn Kagan.

Manchester City Council
  • Mathew Benham, Councillor for Chorlton
  • John HackingCouncillor for Chorlton
  • Eve HoltCouncillor for Chorlton
  • Stephen Marsden, Manchester City Council Neighbourhoods Team
  • Dave Rawson, Councillor for Chorlton Park  
  • Mandie Shilton Godwin, Councillor for Chorlton Park
  • Joanna Midgley, Councillor for Chorlton Park

We are being supported in our work by Linsey Parkinson and this research project is being funded through Manchester City Council’s Neighbourhood Investment Fund.