Chorlton Vision

Making Chorlton a better place

Local Climate Action Plans


In 2019, the City Council passed a Climate Emergency Motion and stated its intention for Manchester to become a zero-carbon city by 2038. As part of the process, all wards must work with local people to create Local Climate Action Plans with specific, measurable targets. Work has been progressing across Chorlton’s two wards (Chorlton and Chorlton Park) and plans have been produced.

Key Actions

Actions across the two wards include:

  • A Community Forum, with regular Data Chats to involve residents in measurement and monitoring. 
  • A Schools Champion Network for mutual support between parents and local schools; also School Streets projects (clean-air road closures outside schools).
  • Providing information for residents/landlords to make homes more energy-efficient, through grants and retrofitting.
  • Engagement work with local business; supporting Chorlton Bike Deliveries and the E-cargo bike rental scheme.
  • Encouraging walking, cycling (including implementation of the cycleway), and use of public transport: improving road safety.
  • More community EV charging points.
  • Planting street trees, cutting weedkiller use, re-wilding and community gardening.
  • Sharing local knowledge – Time Banks, Repair Cafes, tool/toy library etc
  • Reducing waste – more recycling, less food waste, less packaging