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Chorlton Bike Deliveries Residents' Survey


Chorlton Bike Deliveries was set up in response to the Covid 19 Pandemic, with the aim of delivering goods from local shops to those who were in lockdown, self-isolating or unable to receive supermarket deliveries.  Initially started by volunteers, the service has gone on to become a successful co-operative with an increasing number of customers. The team carried out a Residents’ Survey in summer, 2020.

Key findings

  • A large majority of respondents (82%) use local shops for most or some of their food shopping. Many were keen to increase their support for the local economy following COVID 19.
  • Just under half (49%)) drive at least sometimes to local shops, while 43% always or mostly walk or cycle.
  • Of those who drive at least sometimes, 91% cite reasons that include a need to carry shopping home, time pressure, mobility issues, having small children. 
  • Respondents stated that the most important issues when choosing a delivery service are: living wages for workers, supporting local retailers and environmental considerations.